Carnival Home

Carnival Programme

From 1pm, more than 800 performers will parade in West Princes Street Gardens. Then, the action turns to the Ross Bandstand and our three zones throughout the gardens. Check out the map and the full programme below.
carnival map

Ross Bandstand Programme

2.30pm: Chinese Lion Dance
2.45pm: Samba Xplosion 
3pm: Chinese Dance
3.15pm: Latina Turners
3.45pm: Chinese Dance 
4pm: Caribbean Music Festival 'Windrush 75'

Dance Stage

2.45pm: Ecuador SICOORI - La bomba
2.50pm: Colombian Dance Group - Cali Aji
2.55pm: Peruvian Riches
3pm: Mextli - Corzon de Texas
3.05pm: Baila Venezuela - La chinita
3.10pm: Diversity in Dance UK/South Africa
3.25pm: Phelen Dance Company
3.35pm: ‘ZarifAtToul-AsSamer’ Palestinian Dabke Troupe
3.45pm: Dance Ihayami
3.55pm: Colombian Dance Group - La Pollera Colora
4pm: Ecuador SICOORI - La flor de los Andes
4.05pm: Peru Folclore Dance - Yo te Canto
4.10pm: Dominican Dance Group
4.15pm: Baila Venezuela -En este Pais
4:20pm: Mextli - Santa Rita
4.35pm: Peruvian Riches
4.30pm: Colombian Dance Group - Cali Flow Latino
4.35pm: Peru Dance Glasgow - Valicha a Huaylarsh
4.40pm: Laura Tiguerona - Animation
4.45pm: Baila Venezuela - con la mano en el moño
5pm: Interactive Dances


Drum Zone

3pm: TESS Edinburgh Samba School
3.15pm: Cuba/Brazilian drummers
3.30pm: Bombrando
3.45pm: Pulse of The Place
4pm: KalentuRa

Chinese Zone: 2.30-4.30pm

Chinese folk band
Chinese instruments, calligraphy and painting performance
Crescent moon knives
Chinese dance