Environmental Sustainability

The Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival is acutely aware of the grave threats posed by climate change to life, wellbeing, and social justice, particularly for future generations. Acknowledging that these environmental challenges also pose a risk to the realisation of our event programming and long-term aspirations, we are dedicated to reducing our ecological footprint both at the heart of our core business practices and through our annual events. We aim to leverage our influence in the arts sector and broader society to advocate for meaningful policy changes that support environmental sustainability. To lead by example within the cultural landscape we will integrate sustainable strategies into every facet of our event lifecycles—from planning to operational execution. By prioritising the reduction of our carbon footprint, promoting sustainable practices, and actively contributing to the environmental health of the communities we serve, we aim to become a beacon of environmental stewardship in our sector. 

Carbon Reduction Target

In 2022 we made a commitment to reduce our carbon emissions by 10% a year and will continue with this commitment to reduction until the end of 2026. This will have seen Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival make a very significant reduction in carbon emissions over a short period.  

2022 Baseline (independently verified): 479,419.07 KGCo2 

2026 Target: 314,546.85 KGCo2 

Our actions so far have put us ahead of our projected trajectory and it is likely we will reach our target before 2026.  

Climate Justice

The Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival is committed to incorporating climate justice principles into our carbon reduction initiatives, recognising that those least responsible for climate change are disproportionately affected by its impacts. We acknowledge the limitations posed by an extractive economy but believe that access to arts and culture is crucial for driving systemic change. In our efforts to reduce carbon emissions, we maintain a focus on ensuring that our actions are equitable and do not adversely affect vulnerable groups. We are also acutely aware that the climate crisis is intrinsically linked to the rights of children, who will bear the brunt of the consequences from decisions made before their time. Therefore, our approach to carbon reduction is not just about meeting targets, but doing so in a manner that is fair, inclusive, and conscious of the legacy we leave for future generations. 


Despite the inherent challenges in aligning the presentation of international artists with our commitment to environmental sustainability, we at the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival remain steadfast in our belief that these two objectives can coexist harmoniously. We understand that showcasing talent from around the globe might seem at odds with our environmental goals, yet we view internationalism as a cornerstone of our festival's identity, driving both its commercial success and aspirational values. It is our conviction that by thoughtfully integrating sustainable practices into every aspect of our events, we can honour our environmental responsibilities while still celebrating the diverse, global community that is fundamental to the spirit and success of the company.