Carbon Reduction Five Year Plan

As one of Europe’s largest jazz festivals, and leading carnival arts promoters, we pride ourselves on internationalism but recognise that our current international programming models are not sustainable long term. Emissions from travel currently represent the most significant part of our carbon footprint and we are committed to reducing this.  

We are currently undertaking a study of our programming methodologies and international artist programming policies. This will help us to understand how we can retain similar levels of internationalism and output whilst continuing to reduce our emissions. This will include the introduction of residency-based programmes and new policies giving preference to international artists who plan on delivering a number of performances across the UK. 

Apart from travel EJBF have action plans in place to reduce emissions in all areas of operations including: 

  • Committing to only working with venues and hotels with strong green policies

  • Reducing the carbon footprint of productions by, where necessary, utilising electric vehicles, battery operated generators and locally sourcing all backline requirements and investing in more paperless marketing 


We have committed to an annual minimum 10% reduction 

2022 Baseline (taken from 2019): 479,419.07 Total KGCo2 

2026 Target: 314,546.85 Total KGCo2