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Windrush 75 Music Project

The Caribbean Music Festival in partnership with Edinburgh Festival Carnival presents 'Windrush 75’ a musical showcase that celebrates, recognises, and honours the contributions of the Windrush generation and their descendants. From Ska to Reggae, Calypso to Soca, artists recreate the songs from generations of Caribbean and Black British artists. The project involves several activities as outlined in our Arts Council England application. The events in Liverpool and Edinburgh will highlight the rich cultural heritage and contributions of the Windrush generation to UK culture, whilst celebrating of the creativity and resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.


Scrappy Sinon (Soca) this UK based recording artist is a former Soca Monarch and Road march champion of Montserrat. Not only in the Caribbean but the artist has also won Best UK Male Artist and Best UK song in the Calabash Awards. Scrappy currently tours Europe and North America performing Soca songs from his 11-year catalogue of albums, Ep’s, and singles. He will be performing two pieces of his own work his own work

Giselle Carter (Calypso): Giselle is a Trinidadian artist who has established her name on the UK Calypso arena. With performances on various London carnival platforms Giselle has been involved in carnival for several years as one of the UK’s top female performers in the calypso music industry.

Black Kush: Jamaican dancehall artist Black Kush is a name that has had many music lovers wanting more. Black Kush is a versatile, lyrical, and very articulate dancehall artist based in the UK. Sharing the stage with a wide variety of Dancehall and Reggae artists, Black Kush has released several singles on major streaming platforms all available for digital download.

Tropical Storm Band. This London based Caribbean band, Tropical Storm, is at the forefront of Caribbean bands in the UK. Tropical Storm Band varies in Reggae, Zouk, Latin, Soca, and many other genres of the Caribbean music. The band will be backing all the previously named artists. Tropical Storm features Markus Smith, a multi-talented bass player and showcases Caribbean Jazz for music Lovers world-wide.