Norman Willmore: For All Your Needs

A new project from Norman Willmore is always something to be excited about, but we are particularly thrilled to celebrate the launch of his latest release For All Your Needs with a tour to Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh as part of the Scottish Jazz Weekend. Norman's band features some of the most exciting musicians on the scene includes two members of Mercury-nominated British band Dinosaur - Laura Jurd (trumpet) and Corrie Dick (drums) - as well as BBC Traditional Musician of the Year Amy Laurenson (piano).

Download the album

We asked Norman about the album and he said:

'Many of the tunes are from times long since past and have stories attached. For instance - 'Da Day Dawn' is a fiddle tune from my home in Shetland used to welcome in the Yule morning, it is said to be one of the oldest tunes in the Shetland Fiddle Tradition.

'Doon Da Rooth' is a Shetland tune set to the innerworkings of spinning wheel whilst it is working raw fleece into yarn.

'Bedding Tune' is a version of a tune I came to find under the name 'Greig's Pipes' used for a ceremony during the consummation of a new marriage.

Other tunes are my own - 'Broonies Taing' is the place where my family spend most summers on a great beach with a long shallow ebb, plenty of caves, geos and an amazing blowhole.

'Dice' tune was composed with the aid of dice to help relieve writers block and introduce more play into the composition process.

All the tracks were recorded and produced at home by myself and with the help of some very close collaborators. Make sure to check out their own work too.'